Outdoor Kitchen Trends in Austin, TX

As advancements are made in building, landscaping, and technology, there are new and exciting trends each year when it comes to installing and furnishing your outdoor kitchen. Many homeowners are leaning more upscale when it comes to designing their ideal outdoor kitchen— providing a luxurious place for guests and residents alike to relax and entertain outdoors. Here are just some of the trends that homeowners are taking part in when designing and building their outdoor kitchens.

Premium Grills

The centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen in Austin is usually the grill. Homeowners who are choosing to invest in a high-quality setup are going for more and more premium grills that come with all the exciting features and are built to last. The brand of grill you choose will depend on what your priorities are in cooking outdoors, but one popular choice that more and more customers are going for are the grills offered by Kamado Joe. Whether you go for the classic or the “big Joe”, these are popular elevated grills that add value to any outdoor kitchen. Another popular brand is Hestan, which sells heavy duty built-in grills to be installed within your outdoor kitchen. At a higher price point, these grills are large, award-winning, and made with stainless steel.

Consider what features are important to you and your kitchen set-up, and communicate that to the company building your dream outdoor kitchen (learn why you shouldn’t DIY your outdoor kitchen). Together, you’ll find the perfect grill that matches your budget and is built to last.

Pizza Ovens

Another trend that customers are leaning toward when designing their outdoor kitchens is the pizza oven. We have many customers who are specifically going for the Fontana outdoor pizza ovens–high-performing and built to last, with many customizable options and varying price points. Homeowners love the idea of making restaurant-quality wood-fired pizzas right in their own backyards. These ovens are attractive and sleek, adding value and fun features to your outdoor kitchen.

Regardless of what type or brand of pizza oven you may choose, you’ll love making Italian-style pizzas at home instead of ordering delivery. Your guests will be impressed, and you can all participate in customizing pizzas to your liking.

Countertops & Cooking Surfaces

Gone are the days when an outdoor kitchen was just a small grill and an outdoor folding table. Many homeowners choose to have premium countertops and several different cooking areas, so that you can craft an entire meal and have plenty of space to entertain your guests within the kitchen.

Homeowners today are looking for countertops that are durable and resistant. Natural stone is often a great material for these surfaces– think granite, soapstone, marble, etc. There are many different options and styles for your countertops, and you’ll be able to find the right material that visually complements your kitchen while also resisting stains and wear.

If you love to cook, you may also be interested in a designated prep area. Having a surface with good lighting and visibility can be really helpful when preparing food to be cooked. You can design this area to your liking, possibly with plenty of attached storage so you don’t have to go in and out of the house to retrieve tools or appliances as needed.


There are multiple trends in outdoor seating that are popular amongst homeowners. One way to create a fun gathering area within your outdoor kitchen is to use bar-style seats. With this option, guests and family members can sit near you as you prepare food and interact with you and each other. Bar stools can be sleek and stylish while also taking up minimal space, and you may find this is the best way to optimize your backyard seating area.

Others spring for outdoor kitchen benefits like built-in seating, such as seating walls, with designated benches built into the stone. You can add cushions to these areas to make them comfortable for guests as they sit around the perimeter of your kitchen. This also makes it easy to upkeep and clean during extreme weather or climate– simply take the cushions inside and protect the rest of your kitchen with designated covers.

Custom Designs

Possibly the biggest overall trend in recent years is the increased customization and modulation of outdoor kitchens. Companies like Ignite Outdoor Kitchens make it possible to design your perfect kitchen and customize every aspect of it to your needs. Whether you plan to cook regularly outside and need to emphasize functionality, or if you entertain large groups and need an attractive, comfortable space, there is a kitchen out there for you. There are kitchens for every budget and space– you just have to establish what your priorities are and be prepared to do some research and collaboration with the professionals. If you already have an outdoor fireplace, vegetable/ herb garden, tv, and ambient lighting and outdoor kitchen will complete your patio aesthetic. You’ll more than likely find yourself spending more time outside.

More and more aspects of indoor kitchens are being made available for the outdoors, and we’re in an exciting era of building and landscaping. Dream up your ideal kitchen, with all the features your heart desires, and you can probably have it built within a shorter amount of time than you expect.

The company you hire should help you create an outdoor kitchen design that you love and that is cohesive with your patio space. They should also provide you with advice on how to upkeep your outdoor kitchen. You’ll want to regularly maintain your kitchen so that it lasts and stays looking brand-new. If an outdoor kitchen is properly maintained, you’ll be able to keep enjoying and entertaining with it for years to come.