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How To Maintain Your Outdoor Kitchen

Having an Austin outdoor kitchen installed is a big investment. You’ll want to protect it from the elements and any significant weather so that it lasts as long as possible. Unprotected outdoor appliances and furniture can start to look old and weathered after just one season, and we know you want to keep your new kitchen looking new for a long time. We have some basic tips below that you’ll want to go over when protecting and maintaining your outdoor kitchen.

Cover Your Furniture & Grill

Stainless steel is very resilient, but if neglected, it will start to wear out. It is very important to keep it properly protected in all seasons from the outdoor elements. Clean/wipe your countertop and doors/drawers after it rains. If you did not purchase a cover for your outdoor cooking appliances initially, we highly recommend that you do. Reach out to Ignite Outdoor Kitchens anytime if you’d like to place an order.

You will need to prepare your outdoor kitchen well in advance of freezing temperatures. This will prevent faucets from breaking, and pipes from bursting.

• Shut off all water lines connected to the outdoor kitchen.
• Unplug all power sources connected.
• Drain all appliances – faucets, ice maker etc.
• Clean all surfaces and appliances inside and out. Be sure to put away all food.

Clean Your Grill

When you’re not covering your grill with a bbq cover, be sure you’re also regularly cleaning it. Go over it with a metal brush from time to time, checking for anything significant that needs cleaning. And once a year, before the season for grilling and cooking outdoors begins, you’ll want to do a deeper clean of the whole grill. Vacuum the inside with a wet dry vacuum and clear out any debris that may have collected over the year. And for gas grills, check on the valves, hoses, and fuel tank. If your grill has been in particularly cold or temperamental weather, these things may have cracked since you last used them.

It may sound tedious, but maintaining the cleanliness of your grill throughout the year will make it easier to use once it’s grilling season. Cleaning a little bit over time will make your deep clean less time-consuming, and your grill will last longer without needing too many things replaced. Then, when it’s time to cook or entertain guests, you can easily and quickly get the grill ready to use again.

Power Wash & Mow With Care

When mowing your yard, watch for any debris that might make its way onto your outdoor kitchen. Rake up the clippings, or try using a mower with a bag in order to protect the furniture. You may get grass or dirt on the cushions or countertops, which can leave stains over time. Regardless, sweep up the area around your kitchen after mowing. Some people utilize power washing to keep their outdoor kitchen clean, especially if the facade is made of materials like stone. Use caution when doing this. Only certain types of stone hold up better under powerful water pressure– for instance, natural stone holds up far better during power washing than manufactured stone. Talk to the company that built your modern outdoor kitchen about whether power washing is appropriate to clean your particular facade, and if it is, use care when doing so.

When you invest in your outdoor kitchen, be prepared to do some upkeep on it so that it lasts several years and allows you to entertain and cook outdoors for many seasons. Whether you plan to do most of the maintenance yourself, or whether you intend to hire a professional, try to stay on top of your cleaning and protection so that each season only requires a simple refresh on your grill, countertops, and surrounding furniture. This will keep your kitchen looking new and staying functional.