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Welcome to Ignite Outdoor Kitchens. We’re delighted to be your one-stop shop in the Austin metropolitan area for all your outdoor gas grilling needs. Our selection showcases premium built-in gas grills from reputable industry brands, ensuring durable and dependable products. Whether you desire a sophisticated and chic option or a robust and sturdy one, we have a wide range of choices to meet all your outdoor kitchen requirements.

We Offer Premium Grills For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Coyote grill installed by Ignite Outdoor Kitchens

Coyote Grills

Coyote grills are thoughtfully designed and created with you in mind. Coyote Outdoor Living believes that durability is essential for outdoor products, and they take great care in designing and manufacturing their products to meet this standard.

Their premium grade 304 stainless steel ensures durability and longevity, while the double-walled stainless steel hoods provide superior insulation for consistent heat retention. The cast stainless steel burners offer even heat distribution, ensuring perfectly cooked meals every time.

Coyote Outdoor Living’s products are designed to help you make the most of your time outdoors. They are built with precision, power, and durability, and they are packed with features that will make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable. Contact us today to learn more about the different Coyote Grills we offer.

Artisan Grills

Artisan grill’s background in carefully crafting outdoor restaurant equipment translates to grills that are built to withstand the elements. With your new Artisan Professional BBQ grill, you’ll find unmatched quality, performance, functionality, and value.

Artisan Professional Grills are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., and made from all commercial-grade 304, 18-8 stainless steel with hand-welded seams and no mechanical fasteners. Artisan provides their professional grills with the highest quality features like heavy-duty stainless burners, refractive locked-in place ceramic 5-way heat distributing briquettes, heavy-duty stainless steel cooking grates with special non-stick finish, and more.

Artisan Professional Grills are built with a focus on ultimate performance and beauty with unmatched quality and longevity. To discuss which Artisan Grill is right for you, give us a call today! We’re your outdoor BBQ grill experts in the Austin area.

Artisan grill installed by Ignite Outdoor Kitchens
Built-in Blaze grill installed by Ignite Outdoor Kitchens

Blaze Grills

Blaze grills are built with elegance, purpose, and strength to provide the best value for all grillers. Blaze’s passion for supporting a relaxing outdoor lifestyle is evident in their extensive product offerings.

All Blaze grills are made with premium-grade 304 stainless steel, so you can be sure they’re durable. Blaze grills also offer a high degree of performance and a suite of helpful features like push and turn flame-thrower ignition system, heavy stainless steel cooking rods, temperature controller, at least 14,000 BTUs of cooking power per burner, and more, making them a great choice for any griller.

Blaze grills are an excellent choice for those seeking affordability, power, reliability, and precision. Crafted from premium materials and backed by a best-in-class lifetime warranty, Blaze grills are truly top-of-the-line. Ready to get your grill on? Contact our grill experts today to learn more about Blaze Grill features.

Luxury Grills For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Hestan Grills

Hestan grills, founded by culinary icons Stanley Cheng and Eric Deng, is pushing the boundaries of culinary technology with innovative products and solutions, backed by a team of industry-leading chefs and engineers.

Many know that Hestan is the go-to brand for grilling enthusiasts, and it’s no secret why. Hestan’s engineers and designers built Hestan outdoor grills with not only luxury in mind but also to create an entirely new level of performance for grilling. From the award-winning Horizon Hood to the laser-cut DiamondCut stainless steel grates, Hestan grills are built with meticulous attention to detail. Every weld, every curve, and every finish is a source of pride for the Hestan team.

Available in 12 exclusive colors and equipped with incredible power and total control, Hestan grills are the perfect choice for the discerning grilling enthusiast. Contact us today to learn why we love recommending Hestan Grills to our Austin area clients.

Outdoor kitchen appliances installed by Ignite Outdoor Kitchens
White colored built in outdoor Artisan grill installed by Ignite Outdoor Kitchens

Alfresco Grills

Alfresco grills combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Alfresco revolutionized outdoor cooking by introducing high-quality, luxury grills inspired by restaurants. These luxury grills were made with the same manufacturing techniques used in commercial restaurant equipment.

With their superior construction, powerful stainless-steel burners, air-tight fireboxes, ceramic briquettes, and innovative features, Alfresco grills will deliver the perfect meal every time and make you the envy of all your grilling friends.

Alfresco Luxury Grills were made to last with durable 304 stainless steel and cast iron, you’ll be able to enjoy your grill for years to come. Contact Ignite today to discover what makes this brand an industry leader for outdoor grilling.

Lynx Grills

Lynx grills are the perfect way to elevate your grilling experience. Created with a mission to bring commercial-grade equipment into the world of outdoor cooking, Lynx grills are one-of-a-kind.

Utilizing a specialized and proprietary welding technique, the corners of each piece are expertly crafted to be completely seamless. This unique approach ensures that there is no room for residue to accumulate, making maintenance of the item a breeze.

Lynx grills are crafted with precision and care, from ceramic radiant briquettes and hot surface ignition to the heat-stabilizing design and expansive grilling surface. Lynx Luxury Grills brings restaurant-inspired luxury and professional grilling results to your Austin outdoor kitchen. Request your free estimate today.

Lynx built-in grill installed by Ignite Outdoor Kitchens

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